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I can help you improve the style and clarity of your translated content,  as well as proofread it for grammar, spelling, style and punctuation issues. Make it shine!


I can customize your website or app to Russian language and market.  With Russian being the second most widespread language on the Internet after English, this service is in high demand.

Besides, I work with Russian-speaking startups taking off on the international market and needing language support.


Are you looking to translate your personal documents, an asylum case, a business presentation, or a scientific article? I’d be happy to help you with any of that.  My language pairs are:

  • English into Russian and Russian into English;
  • Spanish into English and Spanish into Russian;
  • English into Ukranian, Belorussian and other official languages of the former Soviet Union and vice versa by working with a small group of trusted linguists.

Cultural Facilitation

With in-depth cultural awareness and understanding of the different mentalities of the U.S. and Russian-speaking countries, I am happy to offer guidance and support regarding any cultural questions you might have.

Other requests

If I am not able to take your project or if you need a translator for a different language, I will gladly assist you in finding the right professional for it.

I highly value your comfort and trust and strive for smooth and effective communication and timing.

Fields of Translation


We translate websites, reports, brochures, presentations, press releases, promotional materials, financial reports, flyers, etc. Please see the lists of clients here [hyperlink].


I translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal statements and depositions, diplomas and academic transcripts, psychological evaluations,medical records, asylum statements, interviews, and other personal documents, including for certified translation purposes. Please see FAQ about certified translations.



With over 10 years of experience in medical traslations and hands-on involvment in fundamental research, I translate guidelines, protocols, regulatory documentation, safety sheets, clinical trials guidance documents, etc.

I’ve worked on marketing authorization documentation for novel chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs released by some of top ten pharmaceutcal companies in the Russian market.


Having a deep knowledge about the field of life sciences,  I am able to provide an accurate and eloquent translation that meets meets the highest academic writing standards. I translate journal and research papers, reports, and laboratory equipment documentation.


Translation and editing of whitepapers and supplemental materials for blockchain-based initiatives.


Localization and cultural adaptation of digital content and marketing materials for Russian companies in the American market and American companies entering the Russian market.