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Communication is what makes us social, and language is the main vehicle that we have to communicate with each other. Precision and accuracy are incredibly important when it comes to understanding another culture or the content developed by speakers of another language.

My goal as a translator and interpreter is to make communication a smooth, natural, and productive experience for all parties involved, whether I am in the room with the client or invisible but present through the text I’ve translated.

Work ethics

Proper ethics in translation or interpreting services, if followed closely, add value to communication and leave the client happy.

The ethics of translation include accurate translation without omissions, respect for client confidentiality and deadlines, proper cultural competence, and integrity.

The ethics of interpreting include accurate and transparent interpreting in the first person, clarification with the client when needed, paying full attention and listening carefully, bridging cultural gaps, and advocating for the client when appropriate.

I spend a good amount of time educating medical staff and patients/clients on how to communicate more smoothly in a multilingual environment and how to work with an interpreter.


Efficiency is the value that I appreciate most in my work. I respect prompt communication, full transparency about the project details, and efficient time management. I also regularly use translation tools to work faster and to maintain consistency across projects.

Supporting the community

The San Francisco Bay Area has a large Russian-speaking community from all over the former Soviet Union. I find comfort in being able to offer help, especially when it comes to the underserved, the elderly, the undocumented, and the organizations that serve them. I’ve also made a point of staying in touch with my mother language and culture.

Volunteering for patients

I donate my time volunteering translation and editing services for international patients with rare and severe diseases. Since I have worked in oncology-related research and have had extensive experience with complicated medical cases, I wish to contribute my skills to patients for whom accurate and thorough translation is needed and vital.

Cultural awareness

Translation is an engaging job because it constantly pushes you to learn new things about your working languages and their cultures, your areas of specialization, and your client’s projects. This knowledge, and the ability to analyze and compare allows for producing a translation that flows and has appropriate terminology.